Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, The Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, The Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine: Sparks Outrage Over DEI Leaders’ Hit List of Privileged Individuals

In a current flip of events, Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, the Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine, has observed herself in the middle of a controversy that has ignited a firestorm of complaints and debate. Dr. Golden’s selection to label certain social companies as “privileged” in an email to the college has raised questions about the function of variety and inclusion in institutions and the consequences of such movements. 

The Controversial Email

The email that sparked the controversy. Dr. Sherita Hill Golden despatched out a month-to-month e-newsletter titled “Diversity is the Word of the Month” to the body of workers at Johns Hopkins Medicine. In this article, she introduced the concept of “privilege” as “a fixed of unearned blessings given to people who are in a specific social institution.” She explained that privilege operates on private, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional ranges.

However, what ignited the controversy changed into the list of social corporations that Dr. Golden classified as “privileged.” The list blanketed white human beings, men, Christians, center-aged people, capable-bodied people, English audio system, middle or proudly owning classes, heteros*xuals, and cisgender people. This categorization led to an immediate backlash from diverse quarters.

Internet Outrage and Criticism

The moment the list of privileged agencies emerged on the net, it induced a wave of outrage and complaint. Some argued that Dr. Golden herself became in a position of privilege as a Black girl holding an effective function, which allowed her to send one of these debatable emails. Others demanded her cancellation, accusing her of discrimination.

Prominent figures additionally joined the communication. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, reposted a tweet criticizing Dr. Golden and declared, “This needs to give up.” Similarly, Donald Trump Jr., the son of former U.S. President Donald Trump, condemned the DEI Chief of Johns Hopkins, emphasizing that “rot and racism” had taken over many establishments and needed to be stopped.

In reaction to the uproar, Dr. Golden retracted her preliminary definition of “privileged” via a memo but did not retract the listing of social organizations. She issued an apology to her workforce, acknowledging that the email’s intent turned into to promote inclusivity but admitting that it was “overtly simplistic and poorly worded.” The controversy also brought about a declaration from Johns Hopkins Medicine, disassociating the institution from the email and declaring that it stood against its values.

Analyzing the Controversy

The controversy surrounding Dr. Sherita Hill Golden’s email raises several critical questions and concerns. It shines a light on the complexities of addressing variety and inclusion in the latest society and the challenges faced by people in positions of authority.

Firstly, the debate over who qualifies as “privileged” underscores the subjective nature of privilege. While a few may additionally argue that certain organizations inherently possess privilege, others may also contend that it’s far a matter of perspective and context.


Secondly, the backlash and calls for cancellation replicate the divisive nature of discussions surrounding variety and inclusion. It highlights the problem of navigating those conversations in a manner that is effective and fosters expertise.

Thirdly, the involvement of excessive-profile figures like Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr. demonstrates how such controversies can quickly become politicized and gain big attention.

Moving Forward

The controversy surrounding Dr. Sherita Hill Golden’s electronic mail has spread a dialogue about privilege, range, and inclusion. It has generated heated discussions, both online and offline, and prompted introspection within institutions like Johns Hopkins Medicine.

As society continues to grapple with those complex issues, it is vital to foster respectful and optimistic conversations that promote knowledge and progress. Dr. Golden’s experience serves as a reminder of the demanding situations and responsibilities that come with addressing range and inclusion in today’s world.

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