Sofia Vergara and Netflix

Sofia Vergara and Netflix Sued via Family of Griselda Blanco Ahead of Miniseries about Drug Lord

In a shocking flip of events, Sofia Vergara and Netflix discover themselves going through legal trouble just ahead of the discharge of a miniseries depicting the lifestyles of Griselda Blanco, the notorious Colombian drug lord. Griselda Blanco’s son, Michael Corleone Blanco, is one of the plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit against them in a Miami-Dade County Court. This prison battle has stirred up a storm of controversy surrounding the portrayal of a notorious discern within the global of crime. 

The Unwanted Portrayal

The coronary heart of the lawsuit lies within the reality that Griselda Blanco’s family claims they are in no way legally using their pics and want to halt the series from airing. While they don’t object to the depiction of Griselda herself, they assert that their likenesses have been used without consent. This has sparked a fierce legal conflict that might have good-sized repercussions for both Sofia Vergara and Netflix.

The “Cocaine Godmother”

Griselda Blanco, regularly referred to as the “Cocaine Godmother,” became an effective and infamous determinant in international drug trafficking. Her tale is one of intrigue and chance, as she ran a reasonably successful drug ring in Miami. Her reign came to a brutal end when she was killed in Colombia in 2012. Since then, her life has been a situation of various variations, consisting of a 2018 movie wherein Catherine Zeta-Jones portrayed her.

A Son’s Grievances

Michael Corleone Blanco, Griselda’s son, claims that his involvement in sharing his mom’s story dates back to 2009 when he started interviewing people interested in developing productions about her life. This makes his grievances even more remarkable, as he feels that Netflix failed to consult his interviews nicely while growing “Griselda,” the miniseries set to best on January 25. According to Blanco, the streaming giant depended on anecdotes from others and no longer effectively compensated him for his mother’s tale.

Sofia Vergara’s Role

Sofia Vergara, regarded for her performing prowess, additionally took on the role of a government manufacturer for the Netflix display. In the latest interview, she shared what drew her to the individual of Griselda Blanco. “As a girl, I was fascinated. Like, how did she turn out to be even more ruthless and awful than any guy,” Vergara stated. Her connection to the tale goes beyond the display, as she grew up in Colombia, a country deeply suffering from the drug struggle.

A Personal Connection

Vergara’s non-public connection to the drug warfare in Colombia provides a layer of complexity to her involvement in the challenge. Her brother became the anticipated area of 1,000,000 humans killed for the duration of Colombia’s decades-long drug struggle. She has firsthand information on the devastation that this illicit alternative can deliver to families and countries. This insight probably encouraged her selection to take on this challenging function as a govt producer.

The Legal Battle Unfolds

As the criminal conflict between the Blanco family and the defendants heats up, how this situation will play out inside the courts remains to be seen. Netflix, on the side of expertise control organization Latin World Entertainment Holdings, LLC, and Sofia Vergara herself are listed as defendants in the lawsuit. CBS News has reached out to Netflix and Latin World Entertainment Holdings, LLC, for remark, and the sector is eagerly looking forward to their reaction.

The Family’s Statement

In September, Michael Corleone Blanco’s wife, Marie, and legal professional Elysa Galloway published an announcement on Instagram regarding their stance on the undertaking. It states, “The Blanco own family is in no way related or linked to the promotional mission ‘Griselda’ set to air on Netflix. Michael Corleone Blanco, nor some other member of the Blancos’ own family, was consulted or has taken any element inside the ‘Griselda’ assignment. All criminal rights reserved.” This statement serves as a powerful testament to their disapproval of the miniseries.

Trademarking the Story

In December, legal professional Elysa Galloway discovered that Michael Corleone Blanco had trademarked the book name: “My Mother, the Godmother and the True Story of Michael Corleone Blanco.” This flow attempts to assert control over his mother’s narrative, reinforcing the circle of relatives’ commitment to protecting their pursuits.

The lawsuit against Sofia Vergara and Netflix has forged a shadow over the eagerly anticipated miniseries approximately Griselda Blanco. It raises crucial questions about the rights of these depicted in biographical works and the obligations of content creators to consult with the individuals involved. As the legal conflict unfolds, it will undoubtedly be carefully watched by the entertainment industry and criminal experts alike. One aspect is for sure: the tale of Griselda Blanco continues to captivate and initiate even before it hits our displays.

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