A Look at the Latest Trends and Popular Coins in the Cryptoverse: How to Navigate Without Cryptowatch

The sudden collapse of Cryptowatch has left traders and fans scrambling to find other tools and insights to follow market movements. Rest assured, daring crypto explorers! Friday saw Bitcoin and Ethereum show optimistic technical signals. By escaping from double inside bar patterns, they demonstrated a bullish bias. In addition, each cryptocurrency’s chart saw the appearance of a golden cross in November and October, suggesting the beginning of bull cycles.

There is a definite upswing in Bitcoin, particularly with higher highs and higher lows being formed repeatedly. On November 27, the most recent higher low was $36,715, and the most recent higher high was $38,480. Bitcoin must stay above the eight-day exponential moving average (EMA) to sustain its positive momentum. On the other hand, bearish traders will be looking for a possible loss of support at the 21-day EMA, resulting in further negative pressure.

Resistance at $39,600 and $42,223 and support at $38,105 and $35,593 are essential for Bitcoin.

Conversely, Ethereum has traded mostly sideways and does not yet show a clear trend. It is crucial to carefully monitor its price activity for indications of a clear direction.

Dogecoin’s Momentum: Dogecoin has also gained attention because a golden cross indicated a bull cycle on its chart on November 21. Dogecoin is trading above the eight-day moving average (EMA), which is encouraging for optimistic traders, much like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, it’s important to note that Dogecoin seemed to be creating a shooting star candlestick formation on Friday, which would indicate a possible local peak. If this pattern holds, Friday’s high may be the next higher high in the uptrend, making Saturday’s price action crucial. 

Cryptowatch Shutdown and Alternatives:

There are several good choices if you’re looking for cryptocurrency monitoring and trading alternatives to Cryptowatch:

1. Kraken Pro: Users will need help getting used to Kraken’s best trade tool now that it has some Cryptowatch features built in.

2. Coinigy is a comprehensive trading platform that controls your account completely, enables automated transaction execution, and provides real-time market data.

3.TradingView is a versatile charting application that allows users to see data from many financial markets. It offers a wide range of fundamental indicators and drawing tools.

4. Glassnode is a tool for on-chain data analytics that gives you information about how investors use the top cryptocurrencies, how the markets move, and how the networks are active.

PlatformKey FeaturesPricingExchange IntegrationStrengthsDrawbacks
CoinigyCharting, portfolio management, trading automation, alerts$18.66/month45+ exchangesExtensive exchange integration, advanced toolsPricing, interface complexity
Kraken ProCharting, order books, spot/margin trading, futures, stakingTrading feesKraken onlyBuilt-in Cryptowatch features, staking optionsLimited exchange integration, charting depth
TradingViewCharting, technical indicators, alerts, social tradingFree (limited), paid plans from $14.95/monthMultiple exchanges (via API)Chart customization, multi-market coveragePaid plans for full functionality
GlassnodeOn-chain data analytics, market intelligence, custom metricsSubscription-basedN/AIn-depth network analysis, investor behavior insightsFocus on data analytics, not active trading
StockMarketEyePortfolio management, performance tracking, risk assessment, alerts$15/monthMultiple exchanges (via API)Multi-asset tracking, risk assessment toolsCrypto-specific features may be less extensive
TokenplaceSimple trading, exchange, withdrawal, fiat supportTrading feesMultiple exchangesUser-friendly interface, fiat integrationLimited features, potential fees
GoodCryptoCharting, portfolio management, trading, alerts, mobile appFree (limited), paid plans from $14.99/monthMultiple exchangesMobile-first design, cross-platform functionalityPaid plans for full functionality

Examining these substitute platforms may assist investors and traders in adjusting to the evolving bitcoin trading and market research environment.

As a straight replacement for Cryptowatch, Kraken Pro offers an easy transfer for current customers. It provides a complete solution for novice and seasoned traders, emphasizing solid trading tools and market data. Its efficiency and usefulness are improved by the incorporation of Cryptowatch’s features into Kraken Pro.

Coinigy is another popular choice; it offers real-time trading and market analytics and connects to over 45 exchanges. All of the needs of cryptocurrency fans are met by the features, which include portfolio management, trading automation, and advanced charting tools. Customers may pick the membership plan that works best for them using Coinigy’s customizable pricing choices.

One of the best tools for technical study on Bitcoin and other financial markets is TradingView, which is well-known for its customizable charting interface. Its abundance of technical indicators and drawing capabilities make it a favorite among traders seeking detailed information. All levels of traders may benefit from TradingView’s premium and free programs.

Glassnode provides an in-depth analysis of on-chain data to shed light on the top cryptocurrencies’ investment habits, market tendencies, and network activity. To evaluate market sentiment and possible price fluctuations, Glassnode provides valuable tools for those who value making decisions based on facts.

StockMarketEye is a dependable tool for monitoring bitcoin portfolios in addition to conventional investments, even though it was created for more comprehensive asset tracking. Investors with various assets may benefit from this versatile tool’s risk assessment, performance analysis, and user-configurable alerts.

It’s easy to use Tokenplace, which makes it great for people who want to buy, sell, and get rid of cash and cryptocurrency. You should try it if you purchase something with Bitcoin because it constantly improves customer experience. Success in the ever-changing Bitcoin business requires knowledge and adaptation. Cryptowatch may be gone, but investors and traders have many great options. Kraken Pro, Coinigy, TradingView, Glassnode, StockMarketEye, Tokenplace. These sites help you navigate the volatile cryptocurrency world, regardless of your skills. Research and pick a platform that meets your trading style and objectives.

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