Limbs Amputated Due to a Kidney Stone

Surviving the Unthinkable: A Kentucky Woman’s Journey After Limbs Amputated Due to a Kidney Stone

Lucinda Mullins, a resilient Kentucky mother who faced a life-altering twist after a routine kidney stone surgery turned into a battle for survival. Awakening to the shocking reality of her amputated legs, Lucinda’s journey unfolds as she embraces life with unyielding positivity. Discover the strength, courage, and unwavering spirit that define Lucinda’s remarkable quest to overcome adversity and find gratitude in the face of profound challenges.

In a recent interview with Kentucky news station WLEX, Mullins, a devoted wife and mother raising two sons with her husband DJ, shared her perspective on the ordeal. “I’m just so happy to be alive. I get to see my kids. I get to see my family. I find to have my time with my husband,” she expressed, focusing on the positive aspects of her life despite the significant failures.

In the weeks before Christmas and New Year’s, something really tough happened to Mullins. First, she had a problem with a kidney stone. But things got worse because she got a serious infection that made her very sick. They had to take her to the hospital in a hurry and make her sleep for a few days. When she woke up, it was really sad because she found out that her legs were gone. The doctors had to remove them to save her life, and they said she needed to lose both arms and legs—a very rare and dangerous mix of health problems.

“I’ve vanished my legs from the knees down cooperative, and I’m going to lose my arms probably below the elbow bilaterally,” Mullins shared, recounting the words of a doctor who emphasized that these measures were essential to preserving her life.

For DJ, Mullins’ husband, and their two boys, aged 12 and seven, things took a different turn. Mullins, who had been a nurse for almost 20 years, also felt the impact on her job. Even though things were tough, their community came together to help. People showed amazing support, and a lot of donations came in, more than $100,000 in total.. Mullins shared her thanks, amazed by the strong response from the community.

DJ, Mullins' husband

In the face of adversity, Mullins has chosen to share her story, hoping to inspire others to appreciate life’s precious moments and to “slow down” as they navigate their lives. “It’s okay to let people take care of you,” Mullins emphasized, encouraging others to find solace in the support of loved ones.

“If one person can see God from all this, that made it all worth it,” Mullins added, underscoring her resilient spirit and the profound impact of finding meaning in the midst of life’s unexpected challenges. Lucinda “Cindy” Mullins stands as a testament to the strength that can be found when one chooses to focus on what they still have, even in the face of profound loss.

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