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Rekindle Your Vampire Fandom: With ColourPop’s ‘Twilight’ Makeup Collection

Attention Twihards! Brace yourselves for the ultimate beauty disclosure. ColourPop, the makeup maestro, has teased a collaboration that’s bound to make your hearts race briskly than a vampire chasing its coming prey. In a thrilling partnership with the iconic Twilight movie franchise, ColourPop is set to launch its important- anticipated” Twilight” collection on January 11. Get ready to sparkle like a Cullen with this spellbinding multifariousness of makeup magic.  

Unveiling the Collection 

Sol Shimmering Dry Body Oil-Achieve the Cullen Glow  

To attain that coveted Cullen each- over glow, look no further than the Sol Shimmering Dry Body Oil. invested with a light tropical coconut scent and freehandedly packed with tableware shimmer, this body oil painting is your ticket to radiance. Channel your inner vampire and coruscate in the moonlight with this alluring catholicon. 

“Twilight” Palette-Embody the Undead Aesthetic 

The centerpiece of the collection, the” Twilight” Palette, boasts a mesmerizing array of cool- toned eyeshadows. From matte to metallic, matte- sparkle to pearlescent shimmer finishes, this 15-visage palette is a tribute to the mysterious appeal of Forks, Washington. transfigure into the most reclusive critter with tones that capture the substance of murk and moonlight.   

The Complete Lineup- From Eyeliner Pens to Lip Products 

The collection does not stop there. ColourPop x “Twilight” features eyeliner pens, highlighters, and lip products to refresh your beauty magazine painlessly. Whether you lean towards Team Edward or Team Jacob, there is a product to suit your vampiric preferences.   

ColourPop x “Twilight” Eyeshadow Palette ($24)  

This 15-  visage eyeshadow palette offers a diapason of cool- toned tones in colorful finishes, creating a protean oil for your luring eye looks.   

ColourPop x “Twilight” Highlighter ($10) 

Two new tones of ColourPop’s notorious Super Shock highlighters crop in the “Twilight” collection. Vampire Skin, an icy white tinge with multidimensional sparkles, and Meadow, an iridescent brace- chrome lavender, pledge to enhance your ethereal glow.   

ColourPop x “Twilight” Shimmer Body Oil ($10)  

Inspired by Edward Cullen’s foamy skin, this feather light dry oil painting not only imparts a radiant luster but also envelops you in the pleasurable scent of coconut.   

ColourPop x “Twilight” Lux Lip Canvases ($11)  

Indulge in the Lux Lip Canvases featuring Bells, a vampy blackened red; Team Edward, a deep blue shade with tableware flecks; and Team Jacob, a sheer black with tableware shimmer. 


Cannot choose? snare the Vampy Lips Bundle for the ultimate triad.  

 ColourPop x “Twilight” Graphix Ink Liners ($29) 

For those who love graphic eyeliner, this collection introduces the Graphix Ink Liners. With tones like Vampire, Coven, and ever, you can produce sharp lines painlessly. rush up with the I Know What You Are Pack for a killer quintet.   

ColourPop x “Twilight” Full Collection ($99)  

Why settle for lower when you can have it all? The Full Collection offers every piece from the ColourPop x “Twilight” collaboration at a steal. transfigure into a Cullen family member without breaking the bank.   

Exclusive Sneak Peek and Shopping Details  

For eager fans desperately awaiting their transformation into a Cullen, worry not. The entire ColourPop x “Twilight” collection will be available on on January 11 on January 14. Get your shopping list ready, clear out your vanity, and make space for the mystical appeal of this vampire- inspired makeup line.   

The Twitterpated Twist  

Amidst the excitement, let’s not forget the ColourPop Twitterpated, available in two enticing forms the Super Shock Shadow and the Lux Buff. The Super Shock Shadow in a relatively warm- toned, medium coral with a shimmer finish is a looker. Its soft, yielding texture with a “wet” feel allows for buildable intensity, but be conservative not to go overboard. This eyeshadow is your go- to for bold and glittery eyes that demand attention.   

Lux Buff-Subtle Coral Shine  

On the wise side, the Lux Buff offers a sheer, light- sparkle buff with a warm coral shade. Comfortable to wear and delivering a subtle shine, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking a more understated lip look.   

Choosing Your Weapon of Beauty  

The dilemma Super Shock Shadow or Lux Buff? It all comes down to your makeup desires. However, spangling eyes, the Super Shock Shadow is your supporter, if you crave bold. concluding for a more restrained lip buff? The Lux Buff is your go- to choice.   

ColourPop’s “Twilight” collection is a makeup dream come true for Twilight enthusiasts and beauty enthusiasts likewise. With a range of products landing the substance of the vampire saga, this collaboration promises to transport you into the mystical world of Forks, where beauty meets darkness. Do not miss your chance to enjoy a piece of this alluring collection and embrace your inner Cullen. After all, who wouldn’t want to sparkle like a vampire under the moonlit sky?

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