New Orleans Jazz Festival 2024

New Orleans Jazz Festival 2024: Rolling Stones, Neil Young, and More

Sure, 2024 is the best 18-day antique, but we may additionally have a winner already for the festival lineup of the year. New Orleans Jazz Fest just announced their Lineup these days, and it is surprising. With the Rolling Stones confirmed as the main act, this year’s Jazz Fest, scheduled for April 25th to 28th and May 2nd to 5th, got underway with much anticipation.

On the 2d weekend, the Stones will be joined by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The Stones and Young, at the same weekend, bring together the most beloved and revered conventional rock acts, nevertheless taking the level in 2024. If you simply had the ones, you already have a mythical weekend.

However, that second weekend may even function Foo Fighters, Hozier, New Orleans native land hero Trombone Shorty, Bonnie Raitt, Greta Van Fleet, Queen Latifah, Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Pulitzer Prize winner Rhiannon Giddens, The Wallflowers, Terrance Blanchard, Tab Benoit, Marc Broussard, reggae icons Steel Pulse. In brief, it’s far an ordinary Jazz Fest weekend with something for all of us. And if you are a rock fan, you may no longer find a better triple invoice than the Stones, Young, and Foo Fighters. Imagine the collaborative possibilities!

Not to be outdone, weekend one is also impressive. Led with the aid of Chris Stapleton, The Killers, Anderson. Paak and The Nationals, any other New Orleans favored Jon Batiste, Heart, Big Freedia, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Stephen Marley, Bela Fleck, and lots more.

As usual, each weekend will feature a massive dose of homeland skills rounding out the lineups. Every year, Jazz Fest appears to outdo itself, but this year is an entirely different stage. Tickets are on sale now.

The Birth of Jazz in New Orleans

Pinpointing the precise beginning of jazz in New Orleans is a chunk like seeking to seize taking pictures big name – it wasn’t an unmarried moment, but alternatively a slow convergence of several cultural currents over many years. But there are a few important things to remember:

Melting Pot of Influences

African roots

Enslaved humans delivered their wealthy musical traditions of drumming, chanting, making contact with and reacting, and making a song obvious in early jazz rhythms and improvisation.

European melodies

French and Spanish colonial effects contributed to dancehall tunes, marches, and brass band units just like the cornet and trombone.

Blues, spirituals, and ragtime

These American musical forms, born from the stories of African Americans, also enriched the musical palette.

Key Figures and Places

Congo Square

In the early 1800s, this exact space allowed enslaved humans to gather and proportion their musical traditions, becoming a crucial early influence.

Buddy Bolden (late Eighteen Nineties)

Often defined as the “first man of jazz,” Bolden’s powerful cornet gambling and lively bands in Storyville (New Orleans’ red-light district) helped popularize a new, improvisational sound.

Early Jazz Bands (1900s-1910s)

Groups just like the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, with their brassy instrumentation and syncopated rhythms, further developed the sound and took it to wider audiences via recordings.


• Jazz wasn’t born in a vacuum; however, it developed organically through generations of musicians and cultural interactions.

• Different factors of the song emerged and blended at special instances in exclusive components of New Orleans.

• While attributing the sole foundation to at least one man or woman or date is simplistic, there may be no denying the monstrous significance of New Orleans in nurturing and shaping the early improvement of jazz.

Ticket Information

Now that you’re certainly enthusiastic about the Lineup let’s communicate approximately how you could stabilize your spot on this superb event. Tickets for the New Orleans Jazz Festival 2024 are to be sold weekly. Here’s a breakdown of the price tag charges:

General Tickets (Weekend 1 & Weekend 2):

• Early Bird: $290

• Advance: $320

• Weekend 1: $465

• Weekend 2: $495

General Plus Tickets (Weekend 1 & Weekend 2):

• Weekend 1: $499

• Weekend 2: $549

Big Chief VIP Tickets (Weekend 1 & Weekend 2):

• Weekend 1: $1850 + up to $500 extra for parking and shuttles

• Weekend 2: $2550 + as much as $500 extra for parking and shuttles

Grand Marshall VIP Tickets (Weekend 1 & Weekend 2):

• Weekend 1: $1750 + as much as $500 additional for parking and shuttles

• Weekend 2: $2350 + up to $500 extra for parking and shuttles

Krewe of Jazz Fest Tickets (Weekend 1 & Weekend 2):

• Weekend 1: $950 + as a whole lot as $500 greater for parking and shuttles

• Weekend 2: $1350 + as much as $500 additional for parking and shuttles

Each cost is a processing fee that could lead to fresh provider levies. Those interested in copping tickets may do so via AXS or the Festival’s estimable website. You will not want to miss this musical spectacle, so do not delay in copping your tickets.   

The Lineup for the 2024 New Orleans Jazz Fest is sure to be a musical disclosure for music fans. This spectacle honors the rich jazz heritage of the megacity by showcasing an infinite canon of musicians and paying homage to its illustrious past. Obtain your tickets immediately to ensure your presence at this magnificent event; get ready for a weekend filled with memorable music and experiences! 

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