Oreo's Space Dunk Cookies

Blast Off to a Cosmic Adventure with Oreo’s Space Dunk Cookies

Are you geared up for a taste? It’s truly out of this world. Oreo, the loved cookie emblem, has released a new taste to take your flavor buds on a cosmic adventure. Say howdy to Oreo Space Dunk cookies, presenting a spell-binding blue-and-purple “cosmic creme” marshmallowy filling infused with popping chocolates that add a delightful twist to your snacking.

These new Oreos are a treat in your flavor buds and a visual pride. Each cookie is decorated with one in all five distinctive “galactic embossments,” which include spacecraft and area helmets. But here’s the kicker – for the first time in Oreo’s history, there may be a small cut-out inside the cookie that lets you capture a glimpse of the colorful filling inside. It’s like a tiny window into the cosmos right inside the palm of your hand.

Exciting information for Oreo fans – the Space Dunk Oreos are making their manner to stores as we communicate. But if you can not wait to embark on this interstellar snacking adventure, you could additionally pre-get them organized at the authentic Oreo website.

Now, let’s discuss the celebrity-studded possibility that incorporates those cosmic cookies. The name “Space Dunk” is not just for display; it promises a potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll find a QR code on the packaging when you purchase a percentage of Oreo Space Dunk cookies. Scan it or go to LiftOff.OREO.Com to enter the “Lift Off with Oreo” sweepstakes.

What’s at stake? Well, one fortunate winner could have the chance to take a six-hour ride to the brink of space aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune. Imagine dunking an Oreo in the outer area – it’s a dream come true for area and cookie fanatics alike. Spaceship Neptune is a pressurized high-altitude tethered balloon tablet designed to hold passengers to the brink of space, imparting breathtaking views of our planet from above.

The sweepstakes are open for entries from now till April five. While the tentative timetable for the space experience is in 2025, please notice that it is difficult to availability. If, for any reason, the distance adventure does not take place, an alternate coin prize may be available. Additionally, there may be scientific regulations for contributors, so test the info.

But what’s a journey to space without some creature comforts? Fear now not, as Spaceship Neptune guarantees that the winner enjoys Wi-Fi and gets admission to an area spa, meal carrier, and even cocktails. And, of course, there will be an abundance of complimentary Oreo cookies on board to meet your snacking cravings amidst the celebrities.

Michelle Deignan, the Vice President for Oreos inside the U.S., expressed her pleasure in this cosmic partnership, declaring, “Oreo cookies are all about transporting lovers to a place full of excitement and childlike curiosity. We’re over the moon approximately partnering with Space Perspective to present one fortunate fan the opportunity to dunk an Oreo cookie even as gliding through space. Through this campaign, we hope to take playfulness to new heights, proving it isn’t always most effective in all people but also exists in space.”

The founder and co-CEO of Space Perspective, Jane Poynter, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the mixture of “innovation, accessibility, playfulness, and the spirit of exploration” underpinning this collaboration.

Oreo’s Space Dunk cookies offer a tasty flavor of the cosmos, complete with visually stunning designs and a threat to dunk an Oreo in outer space. Don’t miss your shot at this celestial snacking journey – grab a percent of Space Dunk Oreos, input the sweepstakes, and get equipped to bounce to new heights of playfulness and exploration.

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