Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Megan

Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Megan Thee Stallion’s Diss Track ‘Big Foot,’ Calling Out Alleged Liposuction Deceit

“Hot Girl Summer” can be over, but the warmness inside the rap world continues to be sizzling. In a wonder pass, Nicki Minaj, the iconic rapper acknowledged for her fierce rhymes and unapologetic attitude, unleashed a fiery diss music titled “Big Foot” aimed squarely at her former collaborator-turned-foe, Megan Thee Stallion. This sudden musical clash has sent shockwaves through the enterprise, leaving fans and critics alike humming with exhilaration. 

Nicki Minaj, whose actual call is Onika Maraj, failed to maintain lower back in “Big Foot.” The tune, released past due on a Sunday night, features biting lyrics that take purpose at Megan Thee Stallion on more than one front. With strains like “How you f–okay your mother guy whilst she dies?” and “How you move on Gayle King and can not cry?” When facing her opponent, Minaj doesn’t spare any detail. The song’s title, “Big Foot,” is an intelligent play on words, signifying both Megan’s physical stature and the effect of Minaj’s words.

A Nod to Controversy:

Megan Thee Stallion located herself embroiled in controversy because of her involvement in a taking pictures incident that led to rapper Tory Lanez’s imprisonment. Minaj addresses this case in “Big Foot,” rapping, “Shots thrown however I still ain’t let Megan rating / Bad complain she like six foot / I name her, “Big Foot.” This sentence now makes reference to the turbulent events around Megan rather than just highlighting her height.

One of the most eyebrow-raising moments in “Big Foot” is when Nicki Minaj shows that Megan Thee Stallion secretly underwent liposuction. She questions, “Um, why did you lie about your lypo?” This intimate jab explores Megan’s alleged dishonesty and body picture, adding a new level of heat to the rivalry.

In a stunning twist, Minaj mentions Megan’s overdue mother at some point in the tune’s outro. This circulation is especially poignant as it touches on touchy territory. Minaj raps, “She just mad that no n–a ever loved her / No n–a gon’ stan ten toes behind her / Is it my fault I got true vagin-er? / How come you’re humping on a minor? / ‘Cause she turned into lyin’ for your dead mama.” These lines no longer intensify the feud; however, they also display the profoundly personal nature of the clash.

The Trigger: “Hiss” and Megan’s Response:

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion escalated while Megan swiped at Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, in her song “Hiss.” The connection with “Megan’s Law,” which pertains to registered intercourse offenders, brought fuel to the hearth. Petty, Minaj’s husband, has a debatable past, which Megan regarded as a reference in her lyrics.

Fans speculated that Megan’s lyrical dig could also have been aimed at Nicki’s brother, Jelani Maraj, who was convicted in 2017 of a predatory sexual attack towards his 12-month-old stepdaughter. This twist inside the feud delivered its family elements and raised tensions even in addition.

After the discharge of “Hiss,” Nicki Minaj referred to Megan to “conjure up her mother and make an apology” for the lyrics she deemed “disgusting.” This request hit a raw nerve, as Megan’s mom had tragically passed away in 2019 from a cancerous brain tumour.

The Long-Awaited Comeback:

“Big Foot” arrived more than three years after Megan Thee Stallion sustained foot accidents from a capturing incident concerning Tony Lanez in July 2020. Lanez, who faced prison effects, was sentenced to ten years in August 2023. The timing of Minaj’s diss track adds every other layer of intrigue to the continued feud.

It’s vital to note that the feud between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion is a shock to enthusiasts, particularly considering their previous collaboration on “Hot Girl Summer” in 2019. Their transition from musical companions to adversaries has captivated the track globally.

In rap, diss tracks aren’t unusual; however, “Big Foot” through Nicki Minaj takes the feud between her and Megan Thee Stallion to a new level. With private jabs, references to beyond controversies, and emotional intensity, this diss track has all people speaking. Whether you are Team Nicki or Team Megan, one component is positive: the rap industry is witnessing a conflict of titans so that it will be remembered for years to come. As the drama unfolds, fanatics can handiest marvel at what is subsequent on this epic lyrical war.

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