Empoleon Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 7-Star Tera Raid On 2024

Empoleon Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 7-Star Tera Raid On 2024

Are you geared up to take on the mission of defeating the ambitious Ice Empoleon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new 7-star Tera Raid with a single blow? This raid boss is not any pushover, but with the right strategy and crew composition, you could gain the elusive OHKO (one-hit KO) victory.

The Challenge of Ice Empoleon

Before we proceed with the method, allow us to briefly acknowledge the formidable adversary that we are confronting. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Ice Empoleon is a 7-megastar Tera Raid foe, which is among the most difficult and demanding situations you may encounter. Its Ice typing grants it more than a few effective moves, and its high stats make it a powerful adversary. To defeat it in a single hit, we want a plan that mixes the right Pokemon, moves, and timing.

The OHKO Strategy

Our OHKO approach hinges on a classic aggregate of Gholdengo and three Perrserkers. Gholdengo could be our number one attacker, and the Perrserkers will play an important help position. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of the way to execute this approach:

Step 1: Build Your Team

To start, bring together your group of Gholdengo and 3 Perrserkers. It’s critical to make investments in time in EV schooling and teach the proper actions to maximize their capability.

Step 2: Buff Gholdengo’s Special Attack

With the proper setup, Gholdengo can supply a devastating blow to Ice Empoleon with the use of its Steel Beam pass. This move will be awesome and effective in opposition to Ice Empoleon, exploiting its weakness. However, earlier than we unleash this attack, we need to make certain Gholdengo’s Special Attack stat is as excessive as feasible.

Step 3: Perrserkers’ Support

The three Perrserkers on your crew will play a critical function in boosting Gholdengo’s strength. They should own most Speed IVs to ensure they act before Empoleon can use any attacks based totally on its Speed stat.

Two of the Perrserkers should use Fake Tears at the start of the raid. This circulate will decrease Empoleon’s Special Defense, making it even more at risk of Gholdengo’s Steel Beam. Be conscious that this will trigger Empoleon’s Competitive potential, but it may not be dangerous to use its boosted Special Attacks earlier than being defeated.

The third Perrserker ought to use an Attack Cheer, in addition to boosting Gholdengo’s offensive output.

Step 4: Deliver the Final Blow

Now that Gholdengo is primed and geared up, it is time to unharness its devastating Steel Beam assault. This move will deal big harm to Ice Empoleon, in all likelihood ensuing in an OHKO.

If you comply with these steps efficiently on Turn 1, Gholdengo will receive three 50% stacking harm boosts to Steel Beam. Additionally, the Choice Specs it’s protecting will offer an additional 50% increase, resulting in a total damage increase of 200%. With Fake Tears lowering Empoleon’s Special Defense, you may expect to deal anywhere from 106.7% to 125. 6% of Empoleon’s general health with an unmarried Steel Beam attack.

A Minor Concern: Accuracy

There is one minor difficulty with this strategy, and that is the accuracy of Steel Beam, which stands at 95%. While it is a high accuracy circulate, there may be nevertheless a mild danger it can leave out.

To mitigate this risk, we have equipped the Perrserkers with Focus Sashes. In the rare event that Steel Beam misses, Empoleon may retaliate with a multi-Pokemon-hitting assault like Surf. The Focus Sashes will preserve the Perrserkers at 1 HP, stopping a group wipe, and you could repeat the OHKO strategy on Turn 2. However, this situation needs to best occur in about 5% of the times in which Steel Beam misses.

Defeating Ice Empoleon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s 7-superstar Tera Raid with an OHKO method is not handiest possible but also immensely gratifying. By cautiously following the steps mentioned in this manual, you can gain this extraordinary feat and secure victory against one of the toughest raid bosses in the game.

So, gather your team of Gholdengo and Perrserkers, educate them to perfection, and execute the strategy perfectly. Whether you hit Empoleon with Steel Beam on Turn 1 or 2, this ambitious foe should fall in an unmarried shot. After your positive victory, don’t forget to capture the Water-type starter Pokemon and declare your nicely-deserved item rewards in your efforts.

Now, exit there and show the Pokemon Global that you could master the artwork of the OHKO in the face of the icy mission that is Ice Empoleon!

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