Introducing the Brand-New Guitar Controller for PS5 and PS4: Perfect for Fortnite Festival and Rock Band 4!

Introducing the Brand-New Guitar Controller for PS5 and PS4: Perfect for Fortnite Festival and Rock Band 4!

In the gaming industry, there’s something wonderful happening this spring for those who enjoy songs and rhythm games. Famous video game accessory manufacturer PDP is releasing a new wireless guitar controller for PS5 and PS4 systems. This guitar controller is not your typical gaming add-on; it was made just for two well-known titles, Rock Band 4 and Fortnite Festival.

One of the standout features of the PDP Riffmaster is its exquisite battery life. Gamers can enjoy up to an astounding 36 hours of gameplay for an unmarried fee. This prolonged battery lifestyle guarantees that you can rock out to your favored tunes without stressful approximately your controller walking out of power midway through a gaming session.

The PDP Riffmaster is designed with both right and left-exceeded gamers in thoughts. No count your dominant hand, you can effortlessly wield this guitar controller to unharness your musical prowess in Fortnite Festival and Rock Band 4.

In a thoughtful addition, PDP has integrated a thumbstick on the controller, proper in the back of the guitar. This revolutionary function complements gameplay by means of making an allowance for more specific control at some stage in gameplay. Whether you’re navigating through the digital world of the Fortnite Festival or hitting the proper notes in Rock Band 4, the thumbstick offers an unbroken gaming enjoyment.

To similarly raise your gaming enjoyment, the PDP Riffmaster includes a three.5mm audio jack. Plug in your preferred headphones or gaming headset to experience immersive sound quality. Feel every riff, beat, and chord as you dive into the world of tune gaming.

The PDP Riffmaster may be folded in half for easy garage whilst you’re now not rocking out. Its compact layout makes it handy to keep and deliver, ensuring that it would not take in an excessive amount of area for your gaming setup.

Rock Band 4 Compatibility

Good news for Rock Band 4 lovers – the PDP Riffmaster will be well suited to the sport directly out of the field. Whether you’re a seasoned Rock Band 4 participant or a newcomer, this controller will beautify your gameplay.

Fortnite Festival Integration

For Fortnite Festival lovers, PDP has some interesting information. An upcoming patch will make the PDP Riffmaster fully compatible with the Fortnite Festival. This means that you can seamlessly transition from gambling Rock Band 4 to rocking the digital degree in Fortnite Festival with the use of the equal controller.

Expanding Music Library

While Rock Band 4 has reached the give up of its DLC help, the Fortnite Festival is just beginning. This means that in case you’ve been keeping up with the Fortnite Festival, you have already got access to a full-size song library to revel in along with your PDP Riffmaster.

The Complete Rock Band™ 4 Experience

If you are trying to dive deep into the sector of Rock Band 4, consider picking up the Rivals Bundle. This bundle consists of now not only the best Rock Band 4 itself but additionally the Rivals Expansion. With this expansion, you gain entry to over 100 songs and a range of interesting features:

Online Play: Take the birthday party online with matchmaking, public or non-public classes, and more. Challenge gamers from around the sector to see who has the ultimate musical prowess.

Rivals Mode: Team up with buddies throughout the globe to compete in this online multiplayer stats war. Show off your skills and climb the leaderboards.

Rockudrama: Immerse yourself inside the captivating story of your band’s adventure to conquer adversity. Play through this interactive tune documentary and revel in the highs and lows of a rockstar’s life.

Access to Future Updates and Exclusive Songs: With the Rivals Bundle, you may live up to date with the modern-day features and have entry to exceptional songs as they’re launched.

Versatile Controller Options

Whether you opt for singing your heart out with a USB microphone or shredding on a guitar or drum controller, Rock Band 4 gives a huge style of supported peripherals. The PDP Riffmaster seamlessly integrates into this ecosystem, providing you with even more options to choose from for the last Rock Band experience.

Game Details



Release Date:



Harmonix Music Systems, Inc



Language Options:

Voice: English

Screen Languages: English, French (France), Spanish

Compatibility Note for PS5 Users

While Rock Band 4 is playable on PS5, it’s important to make certain that your machine is updated to the present-day software program version. Keep in thoughts that some functions to be had on PS4 won’t be present on PS5. For greater data, visit PlayStation.Com/bc.

The upcoming release of the PDP Riffmaster wi-fi guitar controller is terrific information for track gaming enthusiasts. Its mind-blowing battery life, ambidextrous layout, included thumbstick, and immersive audio capabilities promise to take your gaming revel into the next stage. With compatibility for both Rock Band 4 and Fortnite Festival, this controller offers versatility and excitement for game enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Don’t pass out on the Rivals Bundle for the whole Rock Band™ 4 enjoy, proposing online play, Rivals mode, and Rockudrama, and get entry to to one-of-a-kind content material. Get geared up to rock out like in no way before with the PDP Riffmaster! Keep an eye out for pricing information, and make sure to live updated on the trendy gaming information for this thrilling launch.

Now, it is your turn to become a guitar hero within the International Fortnite Festival and Rock Band 4. Get prepared to unleash your musical competencies with the PDP Riffmaster – the last guitar controller for PS5 and PS4. Rock on!

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