Fortnite's April O'Neil Adventure

Fortnite’s April O’Neil Adventure: Scouring the Island for Empty Pizza Boxes

Fortnite, the popular warfare royale sport, has constantly been recognized for its interesting activities and quests. And now, as the anticipation for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga event grows, Fortnite has added a couple of side missions in the sport. One of the important thing responsibilities from the April O’Neil questline is to locate empty pizza packing containers throughout extraordinary places at the Battle Royale Island. 

What is the Fortnite April O’Neil quest?

Those who are enthusiastic about Fortnite and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will find the April O’Neil questline to be highly suitable. This interesting quest sets the degree for the approaching TMNT occasion, scheduled to move live on Friday, February 9. But what is in it for you? Well, other than the thrill of supporting April in her investigations, you’ll also earn treasured experience factors.

The April O’Neil questline includes four quests overall, each supplying a beneficiant 10,000 XP factor. Completing all four quests will reward you with a total of 40,000 XP. The quests consist of:

  • Talk to April: The starting point of your journey with April O’Neil.
  • Hide in sewer entrances: Dive into the underground international of Fortnite.
  • Visit the Underground HQ: Uncover the secrets and techniques hidden underneath the island.
  • finding 3 empty pizza boxes: The quest we’re going to raise awareness on in this newsletter.

But in which do you find 3 empty pizza boxes? Let’s dive into the information.

Where can you locate empty pizza boxes in Fortnite April O’Neil Quest?

Empty pizza packing containers are critical to April O’Neil’s investigation, and you may need to discover 3 of them to complete this part of the search. The top news is that all 3 pizza packing containers are hidden inside the Underground HQ tunnels, making it a bit simpler to calm them down. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding empty pizza packing containers:

1. Near Vengeance Jones

Your first forestall in this pizza box hunt is close to Vengeance Jones. Here’s the way to locate the first container:

  • Make your way to the base of the staircase.
  • Look for the primary box in the corner for your left, subsequent to a brown-colored timber crate.

2. Southern Exit Area

Once you’ve secured the primary container, it is time to transport directly to the Southern Exit Area:

  • Turn properly after finding the first container.
  • Head to the middle, subsequent to the weapon cases.
  • In between the teach tracks, you must locate the second container.

3. Northern Exit Area

Your very last vacation spot for the pizza box quest is the Northern Exit Area:

  • As you head through the metallic door, contrary to the primary region, climb up the stairs.
  • Pass the blue drapes and input a room with pillars.
  • Next to these pillars, you may find the 0.33 and very last empty pizza field.

Final Empty Pizza Box Location

To summarize, the three empty pizza boxes in Fortnite’s April O’Neil quest may be found at those places inside the Underground HQ:

  • Near Vengeance Jones, at the lowest of the stairs, for your left, next to a wood crate.
  • In the Southern Exit Area, between the teach tracks, next to the weapon cases.
  • In the Northern Exit Area, the interior of a room with pillars passes via a steel door.

Now, when you recognize where to locate those pizza containers, embark on this thrilling quest, assist April O’Neil, and earn the precious enjoy points. Get geared up to dive into the TMNT event and enjoy all of the action Fortnite has to provide.

The Fortnite April O’Neil quest provides a thrilling twist to the sport, permitting players to immerse themselves in the global of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while hunting for empty pizza packing containers. With our manual, you’ll be well-equipped to complete this quest and revel in the rewards it brings. So, hop into the game, comply with the breadcrumbs (or, must we say, pizza crumbs), and feature a Cowabunga time in Fortnite!

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